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Q. Can I enroll in just one of the workshops?

A. We advise students to take the workshops in order because they build on one another but you can certainly enroll in just one workshop.

Q. Are all the workshops free?  Are there any hidden costs?

A. All of our workshops are free of charge.  There are no hidden costs for any of our workshops, materials, computer use and/or printing.

Q. Where are these workshops held?

They are held at CareerPoint Napa, 2751 Napa Valley Corporate Drive Building A Room 106

Q.  How often are these workshops scheduled?

A. These workshops are held monthly, except for December, June, July and August.  Check our website (  for calendars and specific dates.

Q. Can I take the same workshop twice?

A. Yes. Students can enroll in the workshops as many times as they need to.  

Q. Can I enroll in workshops in different months?

A. Yes.  It is preferred students enroll in as many of the workshops as possible in one month, just for retention of concepts and curriculum.

Q. How do I register?  Can I just show up that day?

A. It is preferred students register on our website ( or call our office at (707) 253-3594. If students need to, they can attend on the day of the workshop and register then.

Q. Can anyone attend?

A. Anyone over the age of 18 years old can attend.

Q. Are these workshops ever offered in Spanish? 

A. No, unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer these workshops in Spanish.

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