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Microsoft Word and Google Docs

Using a blended learning platform (classroom instruction and online), this course is designed to provide the  basics of Microsoft (MS) Word 2016 and Google Docs.  Learn to type a professional business letter, work with proofreading tools, create appropriate report formats, insert a table in a document, and more. 

MS Excel & Google Sheets

Using a blended learning platform (classroom instruction and online), this course provides the basics of Microsoft Excel 2016 and Google Sheets. Learn to edit worksheets and organize workbooks. Create and modify basic formulas and functions in Excel using cell references and AUTOSUM functions. Students will learn to sort rows, freeze headings, split worksheets and more.

Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides

Use a blended learning platform (classroom instruction and online) to learn about Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 and Google Slides. Learn what presentation software is and how you can make your presentations more interesting. 

Office Skills

This class covers a variety of topics: office skills, telephone, office procedures such as greeting clients, xeroxing, and faxing. Learn organizing skills, calendaring,

Google Apps

A blended learning model (in class and online), where students learn how to use Google Apps and Google Drive. You will learn how easily you can put your knowledge of other software to work in Google Apps.  Students will learn about “The Cloud”, share documents, and collaborate with each other.

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